Copyright - photos

Disclaimer. All photos of the customized car models are my own and I'd appreciate it if you would contact me before copying them for your own use, commercial or otherwise. Also, please don't provide direct links to these files on your own website.

Ironically, many of the reference photos of the actual race cars that I use on this website are probably copyrighted as well. Unfortunately I have collected so many of these reference photos over the years that I have no idea who owns these rights.

If you are the copyright holder of one of these photos and you don't agree with the way they are used on this website (non commercial, for reference only) please let me know. I'll be happy to mention the copyright holder, provide a link to the copyright holder's website or even take down the photo if we cannot come to an agreement.

Copyright - decals

Disclaimer. The decal designs I provide on this website (as .pptx files) are drawn by me and are therefore my copyright. This obviously does not apply to the brand logos used, only to the scale 1:18 print-ready decal designs as such. Simply put: are you a modeler who would like to use one of my designs to build your own custom model: go for it, that's why I make these designs available. Are you a seller of printed decals who would like to use my designs for commercial use: please contact me first.