BMW in the Macau Guia touring car races

a car BMW has always been succesful in the Guia touring car races at Macau. Not a lot of 1:18 scale models have been made though, some notable and nice exceptions being the 1991 winner & nr3: the Watson's BMW E30 M3 Sport Evo (Pirro) and the Zung Fu Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II (Ludwig) - see photo below. That's too bad because the liveries were always adapted to local sponsors, resulting in some very lively, colorful liveries. Full results for the Macau Guia races (and race reports for the later years) can be found here on Good stuff on the Wikipedia page as well.

a car a car Early BMW succes came with the E21 320 leading to 1980 ("Dunhill" livery) and 1981 ("Viceroy" livery) victories. Especially the 1980 Dunhill livery looks great imho so I'd love to create that custom build some day. That will require a custom built rear spoiler I'm afraid as I haven't seen this spoiler in 1:18 yet. These models are commercially available in 1:43.

a car The next factory BMW (or at least with close support from BMW) to make it's appearance at Macau was the E24 635 Csi. This car took positions 1 & 2 in the 1983 race. The 1984 and 1985 races yielded a 3rd (and 4th) and 2nd place respectively. I made a custom build of the 1983 car in which Stuck was victorious. Since then this model has also become available commercially. The 1984 and 1985 liveries are pretty much identical to the 1983 one.

a car Next up: the BMW E30 M3 that competed for 6 years straight, outright dominating the 1987-1992 era. It is my goal to have 1:18 models of all these liveries and I'm almost there! I created custom builds for the 1987 "Hilton" livery, the 1990 "Mr Juicy" livery and the 1992 "Mobil" livery. The 1989 "Kamachi" is a work in progress, 1991 "Watson's" was made by Autoart and the 1988 "Hilton" livery is identical to the 1987 one.

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The 1991 winner & nr3: the Watson's BMW E30 M3 Sport Evo (Pirro) and the Zung Fu Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II (Ludwig) Autoart models.
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An overview:
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a car Statistics for the next model (E36) that ran for 7 seasons are almost as impressive: victory and/or 2nd place for 6 of these seasons. Liveries are somewhat less exciting. The 1993 ("Watsons's") livery on the 318i however is a classic and will return on and off for more than 10 years (although not always as bold). A custom build of this model is high on my list of to do's. There are decals sets to be found for this model but I've already started on my own version.

a car The 1994 livery ("San Miguel") is a nice colorful livery that I'd love to have as well. From 1995 to 1999 the liveries are mostly the European designs for that season with some local sponsors added.

a carFor 1997 the typical front-to-back racing stripe on the 320i gets some bold Watson's logo's and colors. This custom build I have already realised. The remaining years are not that interesting imho.

a car In 2000 the E46 320i comes on the scene and wins (almost) every race for 6 years straight! Unfortunately liveries for the BMW factory cars are getting somewhat boring in this period. "Watson's" returns some years with a design reminiscent of 1993, with 2003 and 2004 as the best examples. The 2004 winner (Müller) car is released as a (closed body shell) by Autoart. On my to do list: Tom Coronel's 2004 car (in the same livery as (triple champion) Duncan Huisman's car that year). Maybe I'll even add Claudia Hürtgen's 2004 Macau super bold yellow livery to the collection as well (although her race was rather unremarkable). This livery was already on my list for a long time, but rather as (Thomas!) Winkelhock's 2004 car in the DPM championship (second place, after Hürtgen). Decisions, decisions, ...

2004 cars: a car a car a car a car a car a car

When the E90 takes over in 2006 it has a strong start by taking a double victory (one of them by Andy Priaulx in a Watson's liveried car). After that (all the way to 2014 for the E90) things fade away quickly for BMW in Macau. Why? No idea; Google is your friend. The only E90 livery I'd love to create is the one for Tom Coronel's 2013 car ("McGregor" livery). That's a billboard on the move all right. A very limited edition of handmade 1:18 models (so actually custom builds as well) were sold but unfortunately the models used for these builds were made by Guiloy and the sub-optimal finish really shows. I intend to use the Autoart model as a donor car. If I ever get round to it :)
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For completeness sake all the designs for 1995-1999 (E36 320i) and 2000-2005 (E46 320i):
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